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Eight Benefits to Learning the Piano, No Matter Your Age

Eight Benefits to Learning the Piano, No Matter Your Age

Don’t just take our word for it, research shows that learning the piano, or any instrument really, has major benefits to individuals of all ages. Whether you are an adult looking to hone your skills or have a young child that you would like to enroll, here are eight great benefits that can be achieved through piano lessons at Keyboard World. Young girl playing piano

Enhanced Concentration
It takes a lot of concentration to not only learn the piano but also play it successfully. Enhanced concentration also translates into all junctions of life and can help with focus and productivity in front or the piano and beyond.

Improved Coordination
Along with concentrating, piano players must be able to coordinate their bodies, hands, and fingers. Once this behavior is learned, the fingers are more nimble and can be used for other activities like sports or cooking much more easily.

More Self Esteem
Having the ability to play a musical instrument can help boost almost anyone’s self-esteem. This can assist both shy children and adults with their self-image, attitude, and positivity.

Easier Memorization
Learning the piano requires players to memorize chords, scales, and notes. When the brain is trained to memorize, it increases the ability to then memorize more complex skills.

Sensitivity to Sound
Some individuals are born with the ability to hear sounds and tones better than others. However, learning to play the piano can increase the player’s sensitivity to sound and help hone their listening skills.

Ability to Accept Criticisms
Taking criticism is just part of learning a new instrument. While learning and playing the piano, being able to accept criticism will become second nature. The ability to take suggestions and improve can also help way beyond the piano keys.

Developed Performance Skills
It’s never a bad thing to be able to perform in front of other people. Learning the piano and even just playing in front of fellow musicians or friends allow individuals to become more comfortable performing and expressing themselves to others.

More Fun!
Playing the piano is exhilarating, relaxing and so much more. Coming to lessons and improving week to week is such a fun experience for both learners and teachers. Learning the piano will no doubt add some more fun to you or your child’s life.

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  1. Awesome! I found this article on the right time. I am 56 and just beginning to learn piano. This will motivate me in my learning.

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