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Piano Lessons: Class vs. Private

Piano Lessons: Class vs. Private

If you have already decided to take piano lessons, congratulations! That’s the first step in becoming a great musician. Now you will have to decide whether to take private lessons or classes with other students. There are pros and cons to both, which you will have to review before making the decision that’s right for you!

Piano Lessons
Attending lessons in a classroom type setting allows learners to also have a social experience. They can meet other individuals with the same interest and encourage each other as well. Often, lessons by class can be less expensive than private lessons. On the other hand, class-style lessons may not allow for one-on-one time with the instructor. Classes are also prone to more distractions from actually learning how to play the piano.

Private piano lessons allow the student to get direct, one on one attention. This can often lead to quicker learning and a strong bond between student and teacher. Private lessons are more flexible when it comes to what the focus is when they are held as well as accommodating special requests from students or parents. The downside to private lessons is that students don’t have the chance for social engagement, or learning through watching others. Private lessons can also be a larger investment in time and money on behalf of the learner.

Reaching out to a few piano schools and instructors can also help with your decision. Asking about requirements, cost and the educational environment they provide can offer very valuable insight before making a final decision about lessons. Here at Keyboard World, we offer private and group lessons. No matter what type of lesson you choose though, welcome to the wonderful world of piano playing!

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