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Piano, Guitar, Voice Lessons For All Ages

Piano, Guitar, Voice Lessons For All Ages

Why Music Lessons?

We believe music lessons have something for everyone. Whether you are a parent considering the piano for your child, an adult investigating a new hobby or a senior who finally has the time to pursue a life long dream, making music brings a world of benefits to you and your family.

For example, students reap the potential rewards of piano lessons including higher test scores, enhanced creativity, self confidence, commitment and reward, coordination development, stress relief, and the simple joy of music.

Sign up now for one of our many lesson programs, including group lessons or private instruction from one of our popular and talented instructors. 

ADULT GROUP LESSONS STARTING SOON! Contact us today to join the fun.

New to our staff this year is Beth Lewis, instructor of voice, piano and guitar.  Beth has years of professional experience in performing and in music education and loves sharing her passion for teaching music.

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