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Bechstein / Casio Hybrid Grand Pianos (Display Sale)

Three legendary grand pianos. Full length wooden keys. Actual hammers. World class sound. A perfect combination of tradition and innovation. Save thousands on our display models.


Bechstein is one of Germany’s premier piano manufacturers and conscripted Casio to build the electronics around three legendary piano engines: Berlin Bechstien, Hamburg Steinway and Viennese Bosendorfer Imperial grand pianos. Inside are actual  Bechstein full length, spruce grand piano keys. Actual hammers are used to create the kinetic energy and feel of, well, actual keys and hammers found on grand pianos.

GP400 Display model with adjustable bench $3,299.00  (Reg. $4,995.00)

GP500 Display model with adjustable bench $3,595.00   (Reg. $5,995.00)


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