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Yamaha Disklavier Upgrade DKC-850

Upgrade your classic Disklavier with new features and enhancements.



You have had a love affair with your earlier generation Disklavier piano and now it is time to take the relationship to a new level. Yamaha’s Disklavier DKC-850 upgrade brings new and exciting features to your instrument that will enhance your experience with new features:

❉ USB Flash Drive ports: Easily transfer and collect music between the Disklavier and your computer.

❉ Internal Memory: A new internal memory capacity that allows many hours of music to be stored without CDs, disks or drives.

❉ Transfer your floppy disk music to the internal memory and store those disks away. (requires optional UD-FD01…. We’ll loan you ours!)

❉ New remote control with all of your favorite features.

❉ Stream music from the internet with Disklavier Radio, offering more than 30 channels of 24/7 piano music.  Enjoy the new Disklavier TV, streaming HD video to accompany your piano featuring performances by artists like Sarah McLachlan and others. (Internet features not available on all model upgrades. Requires a subscription and broadband internet).

❉ Loaded with 17 hours of carefully chosen songs in 13 categories.

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