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Roland HP601 SuperNATURAL Piano

As your love for the piano deepens, you need an instrument that offers the tone, touch, and technology to inspire even greater expression and enjoyment. The Roland HP601 is your ideal next step, providing authentic grand piano sound and true hammer-action touch with Ivory Feel keys to support maturing skills and more nuanced playing expressions. It also includes integrated Bluetooth® for wirelessly connecting with apps like Roland’s Piano Partner 2 and Piano Designer on your favorite mobile device, accelerating learning and enhancing your playing experiences. Offering exceptional piano performance, built-in education features, and modern connectivity, the affordable HP601 is the perfect instrument to stimulate musical growth and allow budding talents to blossom.


The HP601 is equipped with Roland’s SuperNATURAL Piano engine, which delivers the authentic sound and interactive tonal response of an acoustic grand piano and 288 notes of polyphony, and also includes the flagship PHA-50 progressive hammer-action keyboard with escapement. It features the latest sensing technology for superior touch response, and has keys constructed with a hybrid of wood and ivory-feel materials for authentic playability and lasting durability.

Via built-in Bluetooth audio/MIDI support, HP601 users can enhance performances and practice sessions with their favorite mobile devices. Music can be streamed wirelessly through the piano’s onboard speakers, perfect for playing along with favorite songs or working with music lessons from the web. Roland’s free Piano Partner 2 app displays digital notation for the piano’s internal songs, and pages even turn automatically as a song plays. The app also provides access to backing rhythms and flash card games that help build skills with intelligent accompaniment and engaging music exercises.

The HP601 and HP603A come with over 350 ready-to-play songs, including traditional music, classical masterpieces by Mozart and Beethoven, and famous piano etudes from Hanon and Czerny. The onboard metronome helps users develop timing, while the recorder captures playing to USB flash media for checking progress and sharing music with friends and family. Twin Piano mode splits the keyboard into two 44-note pianos, allowing two people to play together side by side.

The HP601 is offered in contemporary rosewood, contemporary black, and white finishes, and features the music industry’s first 10 year in-home warranty.  Also included are a storage bench and headphones.

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