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Roland LX-17 Piano (Display Sale)

Roland’s most luxurious home piano with the ultimate sound experience.


Technically, this is not a “used” piano. It is one of our display model specials, with Roland’s on-site warranty of TEN YEARS!… twice as long as a new Steinway concert grand piano. Replaced by the newer LX-700 series, this flagship piano becomes an even greater value at only $4,995.00 including $400 worth of extras, padded storage bench, and main floor metro Grand Rapids delivery.

Bluetooth MIDI and Audio features:

Send music wirelessly through the speakers of the piano

Customize the sound of your piano and add new features

Record to apps like Garage Band and Finale

Learn to play the piano

Read digital sheet music

LX-17: Premium piano performance—a central part of Roland’s mission to develop the ultimate piano experience and include a new, industry-leading 10-year warranty.

SuperNATURAL® Piano Modeling technology is unique. Unlike conventional sampling, where hitting a key merely triggers a recording of a piano note, SuperNATURAL modeling reproduces the entire sound creation process of an acoustic piano and the interaction between its many critical elements. The result is authentic, complex and living piano sound that responds to the dynamics of a player’s touch.

Roland’s new PHA-50 progressive hammer action keyboard– a unique, hybrid, wooden keyboard providing the finest piano feel. This best-of-both-worlds surface is playable and durable, combining wood sides with ivory-feel material to let players enjoy traditional acoustic feel and appearance, while avoiding typical maintenance costs and performance issues often associated with traditional keyboard actions. An inner stabilizing pin ensures each key’s travel is smoother and quieter in performance.

Roland’s Acoustic Projection System, which uses a powerful multi-channel amplifier and scattered speaker placement to recreate the rich, deep sound field of an acoustic grand piano. The LX-17 has an eight-speaker layout, adding tweeters for optimum projection (and as with an acoustic grand, greater clarity when the lid is open).

The LX-17 features a versatile selection of non-piano sounds, including strings, brass and organ. Customizable user sound setups can be easily stored in 25 onboard registration slots, or backed up to a USB memory stick.

Inside the included piano bench for each model, players will discover nearly $400 worth of exclusive value-added media and merchandise for their enjoyment. Included are premium Roland headphones, an LED piano light and batteries, a digital instruction book that’s compatible with smartphones or tablets, two songbooks, interactive music apps, free interactive downloads, and more.

In addition, each piano is backed by an industry-first 10-year digital piano warranty on both parts and labor and includes in-home service.


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