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Yamaha CSP-150 Clavinova Smart Piano

The CSP-150 will teach those who have always wanted to play piano how to play their favorite songs, right out of their own music library. The Smart Pianist app analyzes any song within seconds, and produces a piano score that they can read, all while Stream Lights above each key show them which notes to play and when!


 The CSP is the very first digital piano that can be completely controlled via a smart device. It offers the same intuitive, fast and easy control that we have come to appreciate from our smartphones or iPads. As soon as the Clavinova CSP is connected wirelessly or via cable to an Apple iPad, YAMAHA’s SmartPianist app opens up any number of ways for the user to enhance their playing, select an accompaniment, improve technique or play along to personal favorites. The YAMAHA SmartPianist app gives immediate access to 692 voices, 470 different accompaniment styles and over than 400 songs.

This synergy of smart device and conventional musical instrument is a world first, enabling total harmonic control of an entire band, adjustment of the piano sound according to mood and selection of different tempos.

It’s not just seasoned players who will be impressed with this new technology. Beginners will be inspired by the YAMAHA Stream Light System, which makes learning to play the piano easier than ever before. Discreet red and blue LEDs appear above the keys to guide the player through a song. So from the very beginning, even absolute beginners can experience a sense of achievement and joy from playing the piano.

For the more traditional pianist, they will be happy to see that the instrument only features two buttons so it retains a classically elegant piano design.

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