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Yamaha Disklavier DGB1K ENST Enspire

The Yamaha Enspire series of Disklavier reproducing piano is in a class of its own. Record performances, silently play with headphones, control from your iOs phone or tablet, send audio through your home, stream music from the web, and so much more. All on a world class piano from Yamaha.



In 1986 the Yamaha Disklavier introduced the world to traditional pianos equipped with truly remarkable capabilities. The Disklavier reproduces not only live acoustic piano concerts and performances, but ensemble music with instrumental and vocals. This world class piano can also record and play back your performance, stream music and video from the internet, go silent with the use of headphones, play MIDI files from a USB device,  connect to computers, and be controlled from your iOS devices. You can even ask Alexa to control your Enspire Disklavier!   This is much more than just a “player piano” retrofit, the Disklavier is in a class of its own.

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