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Signs A Piano Needs Repair

Signs A Piano Needs Repair

To keep your piano in the best condition possible, spotting and fixing problems quickly is key. There are common piano repairs that piano owners will likely face during ownership. If you are experiencing any of the following signs that your piano needs to be repaired, you Keyboard World offers an expert service department. 

The Keys No Longer Bounce

When you press down on a piano key, it should spring right back up. If there is a delay in this reaction, the keys have become too soft. This makes it more difficult for the player to play appropriately, therefore, affecting the overall sound of the instrument. Consistent maintenance on the keyboard can help prevent this but also fix it if you find yourself with keys that lag behind the quick movement of your fingers.

piano tuningIt’s Out Of Tune

This is one of the most common problems faced by piano players. Over time, pianos become out of tune. In fact, pianos should be tuned regularly. If you do notice that your notes don’t sound quite right, this could be the reason. Out of tune pianos can completely change the sounds that are being produced and even discourage players.

Its Legs Are Loose

As it’s moved and used, the legs on your piano may become loose or wobbly. This happens most often with wooden pianos. The older a piano is, the more likely its legs will be looser. If you see that your piano is shaky, wobbly or easy shifts as you push on it, it’s time for a repair. A professional will be able to either tighten the legs or even glue them into place for a sturdier piano.

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