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Introducing Yamaha’s Disklavier ENSPIRE

In 1986 the Yamaha Disklavier introduced the world to traditional pianos equipped with truly remarkable capabilities. The Disklavier can reproduce not only live acoustic piano concerts, but ensemble music with instrumental and vocals as well.

Disklavier is the World’s Most Advanced Piano

A true acoustic piano that can record and playback your performance with incredible accuracy and expression.

using yamaha disklavier piano with tablet

Advanced Features

Stream over 30 channels of piano music with Disklavier Radio and watch real-time concerts with Yamaha’s exclusive Disklavier TV.

child with headphones playing yamaha disklavier piano

In-home Entertainment

This world class piano can also record and play back your own performance, create complex multi-track arrangements, connect to musical MIDI devices, computers, and stream piano music with HD video from the internet. Much more than just a “player piano” retrofit, the Disklavier is in a class of its own.

writing music with disklavier piano

The Perfect Teaching Tool

The educational possibilities of the Disklavier are endless, and being implemented every day in university classrooms, teaching studios and living rooms. And it’s not only pianists enjoying the ultimate piano’s flexibility. Instrumentalists, vocalists, composers and performers make use of the Disklavier’s many musical capabilities.

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